The magnificent Marquesa Palace is the result of a rehabilitation project that perpetuates the design of the XV century urban architecture, and it is located in the Historic Center of Porto, right next to the emblematic São Bento Station and the elegant Don Luís I Bridge.



Marquesa Palace

The Marquesa Palace rehabilitation project truly embraces its antique design and goes one step further by creating harmonious indoor spaces and units with the strategic lock-off option.

Marquesa Palace building is being fully modernized into 16 upscale residential units. The apartments vary between 70,85 and 143,85 sqm, with one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.

Most of the units will have fantastic views over the iconic city of Porto.

Join us in a more immersive experience and get to know the interiors of Marquesa Palace.

Unit Table

UnitTypeFloorPrivate Area (sqm)*Balconies & Terraces (sqm)*Total Area (sqm)*
001T1 + 1-184,4837,16121,64
002T2 (T1 +T0)-1108,8548,59157,44
101T1 + 1084,272,6586,92
102T2 (T1 +T0)0107,906,84114,74
103T1 + 1074,9174,91
104T1 + 1070,8570,85
201T1 + 1182,994,6487,63
202T2 (T1 +T0)1109,156,71115,86
203T1 (T0 +T0)183,581,4485,02
204T1 (T0 +T0)184,722,8687,58
301T1 + 1279,546,1585,69
302T2 (T1 +T0)294,087,31101,21
303T1 (T0 +T0)279,7779,77
304T1 (T0 +T0)280,0280,02
401T2 (T1 +T0)376,295,7782,06
402T2 (T1 +T0)381,545,7287,26

*The areas might be subject do changes during the construction period
**All images used are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to convey he concept and vision for the development

Marquesa Palace’s Location